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30 Day Notice (Eviction Notice)

$40.00 Regular Price
$19.00Sale Price

This is a 30-Day Notice, used in Pennsylvania by landlord who must serve a notice on the tenant who has a lease of one year or longer.


3 Pages

Page 1: Copy to serve on Tenant

Page 2: Copy for Landlord's Records
Page 3: Affidavit of Service of Notice


All of the eviction notices available through this site are in PDF format. They are fillable-forms that you can fill-in on your computer, and then print for ease of use. If you prefer, you can also print the forms blank, and then fill them in with pen on your own.

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    You can download Adobe Reader from the official Adobe Software website using this link: (Download Adobe Reader)


    Once you complete your purchase a link to download your form(s) will be sent to you instantaneously. If you do not receive a link to your forms right away, try refreshing your email inbox.


    1) Download your form to your computer.
    2) Open the form using Adobe Reader, or another PDF Viewing program.
    3) You can print the form right away if you prefer to handwrite the information into your form. Or,

    4) You can also enter information into your form by clicking on the BLUE colored squares and typing in the information. When you print your document your form should print with the information that you entered into the blue colored form fields.


    If you have questions about your purchase, you may contact the law office of Christopher S. Manzi, Esq. for assistance.

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