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Comprehensive Residential Lease Agreement

$199.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price

This is a comprehensive Lease Agreement for landlords who are renting single-family or duplex style single family residences.


In this power-packed 7-page Lease Agreement you'll be protected with:


  • Use
  • Possession
  • Rent Amount and Late Charges
  • Term (renewals)
  • End of Term
  • Notices
  • Security
  • Utilities and Services
  • Changes
  • Repairs
  • Fire, accident, defects, damage
  • Waiver of Landlord's Liability
  • Entry by Landlord, signs
  • Transfer and sublease (must be in writing)
  • Priority of the Lease
  • Recognizing a new Landlord (in case of a sale)
  • Condemnation
  • Construction or demolition
  • Tearing down the building
  • Waiver of liability for personal property
  • Playgound, pool, parking and other recreation areas (if applicable)
  • Sidewalks, steps, terraces and balconies (free and clear of debris and objects)
  • Tenant Certification
  • Correcting broken lease terms
  • Obligation to obey laws and regulations
  • Waiver of Notice to Quit / Default Provisions
  • Waiver of jury trial
  • Landlord's retention of rights
  • Ending lease for failure to pay debts
  • Rules
  • Merger
  • Severability
  • Landlord's inability to perform
  • Statement that Tenant inspected Apartment
  • Vehicles waiver of liability
  • Landlord's written consent
  • Limited recovery
  • Binding Contract
  • Furnishings (when applicable)
  • No changing locks
  • Water, Sewer and Municipal Services Accounts
  • Notice Concerning Abandoned Property
  • Attorney Fees
  • Notice and Waiver if Apartment has a Basement


Plus, there is an area for changes or additional terms.


Also included is a Rules sheet for Tenant Conduct, and a Co-Signer portion of the Lease for those instances where a co-signer (guarantor) is necessary.


All Comprehensive Leases also include a FREE 15-Minute Consultation! Use coupon code FREECONSULT and add this item to your cart: 15-Minute Consultation.


All documents can be customized by Christopher S. Manzi, Esq. for your business needs, including the addition of branding and logos and specific terms as you deem necessary.

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